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Uinvest Review

Hello online investors, today is Monday and I am here with anew HYIP Review but first of all I would like to wish you a very profitable week.

On 11th of January 2011 I invested in a very interesting high yield investment program called Uinvest. I must say that I am impressed by this HYIP and at this moment all my withdrawal requests are paid on time.

Uinvest is not like the majority of HYIPs, it acts more like an intermediary between you and different businesses in Ukraine or Eastern Europe.

The following information is available on their contact page, you can contact Uinvest by phone or mail for United States at Beverly Hills, CA 90212 USA Suite 900, 9595 Wilshire Blvd USA (toll free) +1-888-5817883 and for Ukraine at 04116 Kiev Melnikova 83 Phone number +38-044-2278174.

Investment Plans

The return of your investments is variable because you buy share into a business ore several businesses and one business might become more profitable than other businesses. You can have losses if the businesses is having looses but you can sell your shares at any time and minimize the risk and withdraw your profits.

Earnings Example

Let’s have an example a hotel in mountains with a price of $100 per share and monthly earnings per share of $15. If you buy 10 shares you will invest $1000 and you will be paid $150 each month meaning 15% monthly profit.

Payment Systems

There are different payment methods that you can use for investing with Uinvest. You can use Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Libertyreserve, Alertpay, Paypal or Check payments. I invested with Uinvest using the Alertpay online payment system because I can withdraw money from my Alertpay account directly in my bank account.

Technical Features

Uinvest uses a custom script and their website can be accessed in a secured mode with an SSL encryption. Their website is hosted at a German webhosting company called Netdirekte, this is unusual for a HYIP but then again, Uinvest is not like any common HYIP, is more like an intermediary between an investor and a business.


Uinvest is an easy way for any international investor to have access at different attractive investment opportunities. The use of various online payment methods provides you a fast way to invest and withdraw your profits.

Other Investment News

MacroTrade is a HYIP that is paying all my withdrawal requests since I joined back in 2010. Here is a Payment Proof of my latest payment received from this high yield investment program:
Payment Proof

Author: investor

I'm Chris V . and I invest online since 2006 and in my articles I want to share my experience with you. There are many opportunities to work from home and make money online but high yield investment programs are by far the most profitable but also the more risky. I will try to give you quality information about HYIPs, AutoSurfs, Forex Brokers, MLM business and other ways to make money online.


  1. investor says:

    Another withdrawal request from Uinvest paid in my Alertpay account, here’s the payment proof:

  2. investor says:

    I’ve received another payment from this HYIP in my Alert Pay account:
    Payment Proof

  3. investor says:

    I am glad to say that Uinvest is a paying hyip, I got paid again by this high yield investment program and here’s the payment proof:
    Payment Proof

  4. says:

    Uinvest is paying me regulary since 06-2011.
    This one has been my best choice for 2011/2012 so far.

    Charts and live-monitoring for uinvest projects available at

  5. says:

    Hotlinking of my latest payment proof did not work somehow.
    Here is the screenshot:

  6. Still one of the best online investment opportunities out there. I think Uinvest will still be here in 2 years. They grow and proof every day that they are real. Very happy to be an investor there.


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