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Global Digital Pay

Global Digital Pay is a new online payment system. You can use this online currency to shop and sell online or send money to your family and friends.

I just opened a Global Digital Pay account and you will have to choose a complex password and a security pin but you will register your account very fast.

I used an exchanger to deposit money in my Global Digital Pay account and I’ve started to send and receive payments.

Global Digital Pay is fully owned by Digital Trade Network Ltd, a British Virgin Islands company, incorporated in 2008. Its owners have been involved in the digital currency exchange industry since 2002.

After many years of working with digital currency payment providers Global Digital Pay took notice of the many requests from clients and merchants for them to create their own e-currency. Global Digital Pay did some research and it became obvious that a new digital currency was needed to fulfill the growing demand.

This new digital currency had to be immediately accepted as trustworthy and managed by an experienced team that had an existing track record of consistency, honesty and credibility. Hence, Global Digital Pay was founded.

Their objective is to provide a unique experience encompassing the business model of the classic digital currency, which in their eyes consists of privacy, security, borderless international transactions, non returnable payments and low fees.

Global Digital Pay is a private offshore online payment system with Digital Trade Network Ltd handling the currency reserves that back up the complete system.

Digital Trade Network Ltd owns the offshore bank accounts that they use to store fiat currency and acts as the interface between their wholesale clients (Exchangers) and the actual payment system.

Global Digital Pay system is designed to be simple and extremely safe to use. They do not store credit card, bank account or other digital currency account details, as they are not used in Global Digital Pay system.

They only ask for minimal personal details and only require verification for transactions over certain limits.

Global Digital Pay is free trade advocates and with their low fee structure, they have opened up a new trading universe for existing and emerging economies.

Click here to open your Global Digital Pay account.

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